Media Policy Clarification

Masterton Motorplex Inc holds strict criteria for our trackside photographers; primarily that they must be affiliated with a legitimate media outlet. This criteria is nothing new, is part of the track’s media policy, and is well known by all current photographers. It is publicly available on our website for anybody to see;

There are valid reasons for taking this approach, and while health and safety is always a priority when people are required to be in such close proximity to both racing vehicles and also to tow vehicles on our narrow return road, we also want the photographers that do have accreditation, to have a clear and uninhibited view down the track, without having to scramble around numerous others to try and get the best quality shots.

With at least 5 new photographers typically requesting access to the track prior to each meeting, (many of whom just want to publish photos on their Facebook pages for ‘clicks and likes’), it is important for us to keep this policy in place. If we didn’t, the trackside area would quickly be flooded with a sea of keen camera-wielding amateurs. 

We are aware of a past photographer who has not been eligible to have his media accreditation renewed, who is posting misleading and potentially defamatory statements about individuals involved with the track, and about the permission for the use of images taken at our facility. While this is an unfortunate series of events, the individual has always been aware of the criteria, and has signed written agreements in the past to this effect (as have all track-side photographers who shoot at our facility), including explicit permission for his images to be used by Masterton Motorplex. 

We greatly appreciate the use of images that all photographers supply; they play an important part in maintaining and building the profile of our sport, and we thank them all for their valued contribution to the betterment of the sport of drag racing in New Zealand.

Finally, some commenters have claimed that ‘magazines are dying’. While the number of magazines lining the shelves has decreased, most legitimate Kiwi drag racing media outlets are still very much alive and well – NZ Petrolhead, NZ Hot Rod Magazine, and NZV8 Magazine are all long-standing publications that are all still actively involved in bringing readers quality news and features. Some of them also have viable digital publications, and all have social media platforms that are also very much active. We also consider that these magazines have done a fantastic job of recording an accurate timeline of New Zealand’s long and proud drag racing history, and we value and support any publications that continue to publish, foster, and maintain an accurate pictorial and editorial record of the sport that we are all passionate about.

We will continue to consider all and any properly accredited media photographers.

Masterton Motorplex will from time to time review their policies – the process for doing this is to formally approach the Masterton Motorplex Board. A public smear campaign against Masterton Motorplex or disrespecting individual board members on social media is not the correct approach.

To contact the full Masterton Motorplex Board at any time, please email using “MMP Board’ in the subject line.