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Yes you can. Remember that drag racing can be dangerous. Track officials will expect you to demonstrate safe driving at all times.

Yes you can, provided you have entered BEFORE the entry desk has closed. The entry desk usually closes at 8.30 am on the Saturday ONLY (no entries are accepted on Sunday unless previously advertised), so make sure there in time to get your entry form completed and submitted, and have your car/bike scrutineered. We recommend that you arrive at the track as early as possible – gates open at 7am!

No. We run two-day meetings (unless stated otherwise) and entries can only be accepted until the entry desk closes at 9am on Saturday. If we allowed Sunday entries we’d have to re-organise all of the brackets with the late entries, and some classes may have already begun their eliminations.

If your car runs 11.00 seconds or slower, and for all bikes, you’ll need;

  1. A standards approved crash helmet. Check the NZDRA Rule-book (Section 5.57, Section 6 for bikes) for the approved standards. As at November 2018 the approved standards for:
    1. cars slower than 11.00 seconds are: open or full face helmet meeting one of the following standards: SNELL SA2005, SA2010, SA2015, M2005,M2010,M2015, SFI 31.1, SFI41.1, or FIA 8860-2004, 8860-2010, AS/NZS 1698:2006, AS orNZS 1698 or European Standard (R22);‘E’ Mark, 02, 03, 04 or 05 series
    2. bikes are: a helmet meeting one of the following standards: SNELL SA2005, SA2010, SAH2010, SA2015, SAH2015, M2005,M2010,M2015, SFI 31.1, SFI41.1, AS/NZS 1698:2006, AS orNZS 1698 or European Standard (R22);‘E’ Mark, 02, 03, 04 or 05 series
    3. for cars quicker than 11.00 see the rulebook
  2. An NZDRA license (day affiliation available at entry desk or a apply for an NZDRA license here), bikes quicker than 10.00 require a full competitiion licence
  3. Covered footwear

If your car runs quicker than 11.00 seconds or your bike runs quicker than 10.00, you need to read the NZDRA Rule-book (including the rule supplements).

If your car runs 11.00 seconds or slower, and for all bikes you’ll need;

  1. A current WoF
  2. A car/bike that can pass the basic scrutineering checks.
  3. Enough fuel for the two days
  4. Any tools you may need
  5. Something to sit on, eat, drink (no alcohol until racing ends) and for shade in your pit space

If your car runs quickerthan 11.00 seconds or your bike runs quicker than 10.00 seconds, you need to read the NZDRA Rule-book (including the rule supplements).

Each lane has two boards. Before a race starts, the bottom board displays the handicap. For practice and qualifying there is usually no handicap, so it shows “0.00”. If you stage your vehicle, you have accepted the handicap displayed. If you think this is wrong then do NOT stage, get the attention of the starter and advise him your ‘dial in’ is incorrect.

For practice and qualifying only, after the race starts the top board displays the reaction time. For all race types, after the race finishes the top board displays ET and the bottom board displays speed (in MPH).

On the bottom corner (of the bottom board) closest to the track is a win light This will illuminate for the lane that wins the race. There is also win lights on the rear of the bottom boards, so that your tow car driver can see who has won the race.

For more details on the timing boards, see What are the numbers on the timing display boards at the finish line? on the ‘FAQs – Spectators‘ page.


We’ll do our best to let you know, but we are usually too busy to answer call, text messages, or Facebook private messages asking if the drags are on. Please check out our Facebook page, find a local Masterton weather report or if you can, get in touch with somebody who’s already at the track.

It depends how far through the meeting we’ve gone. If it is raining in the morning we usually delay racing. If it rains after racing has started we usually delay until it stops and the track can dry. A drivers briefing will be usually be called to advise drivers of the ETA for racing, or if the meeting will be cancelled. Don’t leave until the drivers briefing has finished, as often the rain will clear up. IF it is a National series event, the allocation of points is detailed in the rule book NZDRA or IHRA rule book.

There is an area at the track set aside for racers and crew members to camp, and there is a small fee to cover the security costs. There are no showers or powered sites due to the distance from the nearest buildings. Toilets are available for campers use. NOTE: Camping will be available on Friday & Saturday night for racers and crew only. Gates close on Friday night at 9.00pm and at 10.00pm on Saturday night with no exceptions. All people that choose to camp in their pit space are reminded to respect their neighbours, to ensure that they do not encroach onto their neighbours pit spaces, and you must ensure any tents are taken down before racing starts.

Yes – racing with an IHRA licence is easy – there are three steps:

Step 1: Make sure your IHRA tech inspection form is endorsed (has a stamp on it) showing your vehicle has been teched using the IHRANZ/MDI rules. If it doesn’t, talk to your IHRA tech inspector about getting the form stamped, or talk to a NZDRA tech inspector about getting your vehicle teched to the NZDRA rules. Arranging for a stamp or NZDRA tech takes time, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Step 2: Before you leave home, make sure you have:

  • IHRA licence
  • Medical expiry date on your licence must be after the race meeting finishes, or you will need a copy of your IHRA medical certificate with an expiry date after the race meeting finishes
  • IHRA log book
  • The tech inspection form from step 1

Please note that these items are a requirement of our sanctioning, and we have no discretion to waive them. You must have all four items or you cannot race.

Step 3: When you get to the track and enter the car, you will need to present the four items from step 2, and:

  • Complete a licence declaration form (available at the entry booth or click here for a downloadable form)
  • Pay a $30 licence affiliation fee in addition to the normal entry fee
  • Complete the normal entry and SSP (Self Scrutineering Programme) forms (for downloadable entry forms, click here)

All Masterton Motorplex meetings are sanctioned with the NZDRA, except any meeting that is a round of the IHRA national series (this will be clearly indicated on the publicity for the meeting).

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